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The sessions were lively and interactive. The hand-out notes were comprehensive and useful – the role plays were truly excellent!

Derek Cain

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Course Outlines

Whether you have experience of giving presentations and want to develop further, or just starting and unsure and nervous about presenting, we have a course for you.

Our in-house, public and one 2 one training courses will help you to develop a competent and confident presentation style. Read the brief overviews below and then click for further details of specific options. All courses are delivered in comfortable venues, with small groups of up to 8 participants (except one 2 one sessions).

First Steps training courses

These are one day courses that cater for those new to presenting, those who lack experience or who are simply terrified. Starting from the very beginning, you will leave the course having developed and delivered a presentation and with some basic skills that will allow you to grow and develop your presenting skills.

Read more about the 'First Steps Presentation Skills' training course.

Intermediate Presentation Skills training courses

This course is delivered as a one or two day course and assumes some experience in giving presentations but with a need to improve delivery, learn more about structure and planning, and develop techniques that will enhance your performance in all aspects of presenting.

Read more about the 'Intermediate Presentation Skills' training course.

Interview Skills Coaching

Interview training will maximise your potential, prepare you for your interview and give you the confidence to know that you will show the best attributes on the day.

Read more about the 'Interview Skills' one-to-one training course.

Presenting Powerfully with PowerPoint training courses

This course is available as a one day course looking specifically at the use of PowerPoint. It does not teach the use of the application (how to make slides), but rather concentrates on helping people to make the best use of PowerPoint, develop slides that add meaning and impact and importantly how to avoid death by PowerPoint syndrome. Available also as a two day course - normally delivered on a Friday and the following Monday - the course combines aspects of the Advanced course alongside the PowerPoint aspects and allows candidates to modify and prepare some slides after day one, for use on the second day. Maximum of 6 people per course allows plenty of time to practice and refine your presentation and PowerPoint skills.

Read more about the 'Powerful PowerPoint Presentations' training course.

In-house training courses

In-house training courses are based upon the outlines above but will be tailored to your needs to ensure the maximum value for your company or organisation. We are always happy to discuss your training requirements at an early stage.

Contact us to discuss 'In-house' training courses.

One 2 One training

We currently offer One 2 One coaching in all aspects of presentation skills, interview skills, assertiveness skills and other business and soft skills training.

Each course will be tailored to your needs after careful discussion directly with your trainer. The half day session is intensive and allows for personal and rapid development of skills.

Read more about 'One 2 One' training courses.

Other training courses

Some of the courses and the One 2 One sessions are available using a bilingual French trainer. We have a specialist female trainer available for assertiveness courses for woman only groups. (Special rates for refugees etc).

If you are looking for a course that is not mentioned above, we may still be able to help through our extensive network of contacts.

For all the above please contact us for further information.

Further information

Follow the specific links above to find out more, or contact us to discuss which training option is best for you.

Don't Panic

One to One sessions at short notice for people with urgent meetings, and presentations. Please call to discuss availability.

What you say

In- house Course – Reliance Water Care September 06
Lively, Interactive – Kept my interest all day! HW

Ian Price was always 100% honest in his feedback and was not afraid to tell us things we didn’t want to hear. SH

Intermediate Training Courses

This course will make rapid strides to improve your presentations and move you to another level. Building on your experience, we will focus on a number of aspects that will immediately make a difference to your presentations.

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