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The Best Man Speech

The best man speech is an honor, but you should use proper etiquette when you are giving your best man's speech. Remember you are one of the most special guests of the wedding. Your best man speech will reflect your personality to a great extent. It is fine to have a few jokes in your speech, but you also don't want people to be laughing so much that you can't hear anything. You should also respect that it is the bride and the groom's special day so you don't want to make any embarrassing jokes. You should always keep your best man’s speech simple and personal. Always try to stay on topic as much as possible. It’s a great thing to give the best man's speech, but still no one likes to do it. If you are giving a best man speech, you shouldn't be embarrassed or worried, it’s not really that hard at all, and a lot of people said that giving the best man's speech is a lot like giving a school’s speech.

Try to do things that can keep you calm. As an adult you really should not feel the shiver that you did when you were giving a speech when you were a school kid. Don't talk just to hear yourself talk. Try to relax as much as you can before you go up to do your best man's speech. To start the best man's speech, you should give a toast. A toast is where you stand up politely and gently tap a spoon or fork on your glass to make a small dinging sound to get everyone’s attention. Don't try to wing it. Many people attempt this and get really embarrassed. Rehearse your best man's speech before the wedding if you fear that you will forget what to say. Do not be embarrassed to write your speech on your hand or a small note card. No one will really care, it is a wedding. Most people do not really care what people look like or about small eccentricities as long as it does not offend the wedding party. People are there because they are happy for the bride and groom

Take care of the sentiments of the bride and the groom. The bride and groom could get offended if they think you are trying to upstage them. Try not to get drunk before you go up to give your speech so that you do not lose your composure. Always thank the people that made the day possible, the bride and groom, and also thank the parents of the bride and groom. As a little tip, it is good not to forget their names.

One key to a good best man speech is practice. Don't wait to the last minute to write your speech. When you are doing this, you are giving your time to write, study, and make the speech. When you are delivering your speech, always tell everyone who you are, because most likely you are not going to know everyone. You should always tell a little story. It should include the groom more than the bride, because you are the best man and not a bridesmaid.  A short speech mixed with sentiments and humor is a good best man speech.

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