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Key to giving the perfect Best Man Speech

As a best man to the groom, you will definitely be expected to give a best man speech at the wedding reception. What better way to toast the groom and the bride than to express your sincere and heart-felt wishes by giving a memorable best man speech.

As a best man at the wedding, your speech will be particularly important. All eyes will be on you including potential suitors if you happen to be single! So you have more to do than just wish the happy couple! You have to score points with the beauties as well. And making an impression is a huge task. So unless you are a seasoned public speaker, you will have your fair share of work to do when preparing for you speech. So get your creative talents together and start practicing!

Preparing for the best man speech

As the groom’s best man, you are luckier than the rest. You will definitely have more liberty than the rest of the group to say anything you want, when giving the best man speech; so long as it is not going to make everyone uncomfortable.

When gathering material for your speech at the wedding, it is important to focus on your relationship with the groom. Are you his brother, best cousin or best friend? If you are a close friend, are you a teenage friend, a university friend or a co-worker? You relationship to the groom will establish the basis of your speech. From here on, you can draw upon a lot of points to make the speech interesting, funny, touching and a lot more.

Once you have gathered all the points, it is a good idea to run them by a select group of people like the groom’s parents or other friends or even the bride, if you are comfortable with it. When working on the best man speech, it is easy to cross the line sometimes and say something seemingly harmless which others may find offensive. So it is best to run it by a few trusted people to make sure you are on the right track.

And then, practice, practice and more practice. This will make sure you are at ease and comfortable when raising a toast you the groom and his lovely bride.

Key pointers for a hit best man speech

When preparing for your wedding speech, make sure it is not boring! This is the last thing expected of a best man. But there is nothing to worry, as there are many things you can draw upon to make the speech fun and interesting.

If you happen to be an old time friend from teenage years or happen to be brothers, you can draw upon many childhood memories to add color to your speech. These memories can be touching as well as funny. Little boys are usually up to a lot of mischief! You are sure to find some funny stories there. The same holds true if you happen to be university friends. College memories are loved by all.

Whatever you do, make sure your best man speech is short and crisp as that is one the key ingredients for success.

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