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Best Man's Speech

So you’re the best man in the wedding and now you have to deliver a best man’s speech. You know most speeches are boring and routine. However you want your best man’s speech to create a lasting impression and stay in the minds of the audience forever. Well you can do that now with these tips.

Get their attention

Before you start making the best man’s speech you need to get the attention of the audience first. One of the best ways to do this is by standing up first. This way the audience immediately pays attention to you. Stand up and wait till the noise dies down in the audience. Just as in any public speaking in a best man’s speech too standing up is the first step.

Funny vs. vulgar

Many men think that their best man’s speech can be funny if they make it a little vulgar. So they’ll usually infuse their speech with plenty of embarrassing details about the couple. However doing this in the speech will just make you sound rude and vulgar. Avoid doing so in your best man’s speech.

Don't be nervous

When it comes to giving a best man’s speech you need to exude confidence. This will only come when you let go of being nervous. If you’re nervous it can really jeopardize your best man’s speech. You might end up saying things in the best man’s speech which you didn’t want to!

Planning it out

You need to plan your best man’s speech couple of weeks beforehand. Giving a best man’s speech is not easy and it takes many weeks of prior practice. Unless you are a seasoned orator or public speaker you need to give your speech adequate time.

Practice, practice

You will need to keep practicing your speech. Only through practice you can perfect the best man’s speech. Keep saying your speech till you happen to learn it by heart completely and can say it from memory. That will save you from any interruptions while giving the best man’s speech on the D Day.

Short and concise

Your best man’s speech needs to be kept as short as possible. This way you can avoid the audience from being bored by your best man’s speech. Just stick to the main points you wish to make in the speech and avoid straying from the topic. Avoid any embarrassing details and ensure you don’t bring up topics in the best man’s speech which will make you sound rude.

Take a deep breath

We know you are bound to be nervous while giving the best man’s speech. Therefore one way to tackle this is to take a deep breath. You will instantly feel relaxation. Thus, you will be able to give a great best man’s speech which exudes confidence.

It's all about them

Don’t make the best man’s speech sound like it’s all about you. It isn’t. It’s meant to be about the newly wedded couple. So make sure to talk as much about the couple as you can in your best man’s speech.

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