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Change Your Attitude to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking

Public speaking demands a positive attitude. When you don’t have the right attitude to speak to a group, you will definitely have fear of public speaking. As the saying goes, ‘Your attitude determines your altitude,’ is true for public speaking too. If you feel that you can do, then you will do. On the other hand, if you are afraid that you may fail, then you will definitely lose. Fear of public speaking is a phobia and is called Glossophobia in psychological term. This fear was developed only because of you and not because of others.

You expect that when you speak in front of the public you will be teased and hence, you fear of public speaking. To protect yourself from being teased you avoid public events where you may be asked to speak unexpectedly. When you restrict yourself more and more from public gatherings, you inherently build up your fear and start staying aloof so that you will not be bothered. Acute cases of Glossophobia develop unlimited anxiety when they are exposed to a crowd. Although this fear of public speaking may be because of some worst experience in the past, a change in your attitude can make a difference.

Confidence is what is required to have a positive attitude. You have to feel, look and sound confident to the public to conquer fear of public speaking. The mass that is gathered infront of you are human beings and none of them is flawless. They don’t expect you to be perfect and why should you strain yourself to pose yourself as a 100% perfect man? When you have the attitude to exhibit yourself as what you are, then you will not have fear of public speaking.

People say that over preparation also leads to fear of public speaking. Though it is true, this doesn’t mean that no preparation is needed to talk infront of the public. Even great public speakers will prepare their speech and practice before they present it to the audience. You have to understand the task that is assigned to you and prepare a speech that contains interesting information. When you have two or three key points that are strong enough to focus, you will automatically feel great and realise that there is no need for fear of public speaking.

Many people fear of public speaking because of their wrong attitude assuming that they are on the stage to control the public. They develop stress when they have negative outcomes from certain people in the group. How many times have you been engaged in your personal work when a successful speaker is on stage? Don’t have the attitude that, you are a good speaker only if all the people in the group are listening to you. No public speaker has ever gained 100% attention from the public. When you have a right attitude about your audience and some useful information to deliver, you can put aside your fear of public speaking and face the challenge with full confidence.

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