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Give the best ever Father of the Bride Speech

Giving a father of the bride speech is an honour every father looks forward to, at the daughter’s wedding. Your little angel is getting married and you, as her father are going through so many mixed emotions. There is so much you will want to convey when giving the father of the bride speech.

On the one hand, you are thrilled your daughter has found the man of her dreams who will treat her like a princess for the rest of her life. Ok maybe not the way you did, no one can do as much for your daughter, but hey, he will spend the rest of his life trying to unsuccessfully live up to you! On the other hand, you want to kill the groom because he is responsible for taking your little girl away from you.

The father-daughter bond

Fathers and daughters share a special bond, shared by no other. Every bond is unique and special. You daughter will soon be married to her prince charming. And time has come for you to toast the couple by giving a wonderful father of the bride speech. It is now time to look back on this special bond and draw upon your special feelings through the many years your daughter spent growing up with you, treating you as her only hero! Yes, she has a new man in her life, but it is well to remember, no one can replace you. You will always be her one and only hero and no one can take your place in her life. Ask her about the umpteen arguments she has had with her fiancé about how wonderful her father is. Doubt it? Think back on the arguments you and your wife had about her perfect father! Remember something?

Expressing your feelings in the wedding speech

Knowing you are the special hero in your daughter’s life will make it easier to deal with your feelings and focus on the father of the bride speech you want to give at the wedding. Yes, you want to stump the audience; you want to give the best speech ever given by a father. You want to say something so special that no one can match up to it! While that is a good start, remember, this is the father of the bride speech. The only thing that makes it special will be the few intimate minutes you will share with your daughter in that crowd, expressing your feelings on the most important day of her life. For her, anything you say will be more precious than what anyone will ever have to say to her that day.

To think of the special things to say when giving the speech, think about the years when she was a child, what made her special, her unique qualities etc. Think about something she did that touched you, something she said, that moved you. All of these elements will make for a great wedding speech.

What to avoid when giving the father of the bride speech

It is natural to get carried away once you start speaking about your daughter and recounting the happy times. But the thing to remember is, to keep it short and crisp. And most importantly, do not get overly emotional as it will make people uncomfortable. Remember, you will be the first to give the speech and there are many others lined up after you. So go ahead, you are now ready to give the best father of the bride speech ever!

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