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Father of the Bride Speech

The moment has come and you are going to have to give your daughter away to another man—her husband-to-be. As if the emotional weight of that task isn’t enough, you are also expected to give a father of the bride speech to an assembled throng of guests. You have had no such experience with this type of endeavor and dread the occasion. What are your choices?

Don’t worry; resources are available to help guide you. To relax your fears about the content, you should take time to think about the time of your daughter’s growing up so that you recall any stories that may be either humorous or particularly indicative of her personality. As you process a few of these stories, write them down. You now have the bulk of your speech. You retain these memories because they demonstrate some aspect of your relationship with her. All you have to do is tell your audience what that particular story shows about your feelings about your daughter. Sound easy? It really is an easy thing to do, but you must remember that you will be saying this in front of a group of family and friends. So, you still must take time to structure your father of the bride speech so that everyone understands your perspective.

Begin by greeting everyone and thanking them for attending such an important happening in her life. You can thank all of those who have had a hand in organizing the wedding. You needn’t worry about being funny or smooth. Sincerity goes a long way to masking any uncomfortable feeling you may have. Comment on the day, the setting, and how she looks. Welcome the groom into your family and address his immediate family as well. You should talk about how proud you are of your daughter and speak directly to the groom in this part as well. Remember that humor is allowable but embarrassment is not.

The story (or stories) you choose should remember the good times you have shared. The length of the father of the bride speech does not have to be long, as the day is just beginning and you do not want to stand in the way of the procession of events. Keep your part of the proceedings to a few minutes. You can end by giving the couple some words of advice by showing some decision you have made that has helped you maintain yourself in the world and urge them to take care of each other. The end of the speech calls for the rest of the festivities to proceed by toasting or otherwise acknowledging the new union of the happy couple. Urge the guests to enjoy themselves.



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