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Don’t let your fear of public speaking hold back your promotion!

Overcoming fear of public speaking might not be that simple task for those who hate to face crowds and become the center of attention. It is quite normal to experience an anxiety attack right before a business seminar crowd you are supposed to address. You might feel sweaty palms, quivering hands, shaky legs and even stammering lips at the very beginning of your speech. But if you are to succeed and excel in your career you must learn to over power your listeners through eloquent and meaningful communication of ideas and concepts and not let your fear of public speaking stop you from proving your potentials.

Fear of public speaking can hinder your promotions and career growths by holding you back from conveying your creativity and ideas verbally to your superiors when they demand your input during professional discussions. So don’t let your fear of public speaking over power your mind and control your body.

There are different strategies adopted to overcome fear of public speaking. However the effectiveness of these heavily relies on your faith in yourself, consistency and will power.

Before beginning a public speech you must ensure you are comfortable in terms of attire, speech material and know what your topic of public address is. If you are not confident what your topic and the queries coming from the crowed may lead to then its quite natural for any one to be nervous. So always be prepared.

Fear of public speaking is just a state of mind which can be over powered through practice, consistency in trying and by watching effective speakers for key tactics. Setting excellent orators as a benchmark is not a good practice for beginners. If you set your standards too high in the beginning and expect the crowd to stand up cheering and clapping at the end of your address, it might turn out a disappointment and a set back at the very start of your attempt. So just observe good speakers and don’t make them your goal and limit your efforts. You might have a better potential than them.

If you want to control your fear of public speaking you must go slow and steady. Formulate your words in your mind before you let them out and listen to your self when you are alone so you know how you sound. In fact, even playing back your recorded speech will tell you where you are going wrong, which pauses are unnecessary or can be controlled and what are the points where you tend to forget what you are saying.

If your fear of public speaking has become a monster for you who you just cannot hide from, then the best strategy is to practice group discussions in a gathering of friends and family. The next step should be to proceed further in class discussions in your school, college, university or training program. The more you think that the people in front of you are basing their decisions of your promotion, salary increment or recruitment on the way you talk, the more difficult it becomes to speak ones mind and your fear of public speaking can never be put off.

Your fear of public speaking is absolutely in your hands to let go or to live with. Just follow a few realistic and effective steps and you’ll be delivering professional speeches and discussing with your board of director members what you think about the new product launch with confidence and clarity. Just remember, fear of public speaking is not uncontrollable, is not a disease and is not a personality trait.

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