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Fear of Public Speaking

Fear of Public Speaking is as wide spread and critical as fear of death. Fear of Public Speaking cannot be overcome just with imagination of being confident.

Fear of Public Speaking has the physical symptoms of sweating, shivering, feeling weakness on knees, stammering and sometimes the person can become unconscious as well. These symptoms of fear of public speaking can be defeated with some regular exercise, imagination and sometimes some medication. There are even self-help societies in many urban areas to make people have the confidence to communicate to a group of people to be out from the fear of public speaking. They regularly conduct classes and ask the group to pick up some subject to debate on to combat fear of public speaking. For some, fear of public speaking is hereditary even though it was not proven 100 percent scientifically. Fear of public speaking can be out of the shy nature of the person and this very shy nature might have got influenced by genes in our cells. If this fear of public speaking gets hard in the mind of teenagers, it can lead to depression and other socially unacceptable behaviors.

The first and foremost action to overcome the fear of public speaking is to accept the fact followed by trying to find out the causes and effects of the same. A proper identification of cause of fear of public speaking sometimes cannot be done by self. It can be found out with the help of a psychologist. Some kinds of relaxation therapy, yoga, meditation etc., have also proved helpful with certain people who have the fear of public speaking. To some people, fear of public speaking can be combated only with the help of some medication like beta blockers or signal blockers at CNS. But, the problem with medication could be addiction to the drug. In order to get rid off fear of public speaking, proper advice of the therapist is a good option. The solution for fear of public speaking can also vary from personality to personality and profession to profession. The fear of public speaking can be reduced and finally expelled by practicing talking in front of the mirror.

Fear of public speaking need not have to be approached as some big psychological disorder. But, if we can get rid of that, it is good. The fight and flight syndrome, got into our brains from the Stone Age and is still there with a majority. This has somewhat come out in modern age as fear of public speaking. This overly critical society, appreciates the public performers more, due to media influence and fear of public speaking gets into the mind of many as some sort of disorder. This self criticism makes managing the fear of public speaking worse. So, one thing is to be understood about fear of public speaking is never try for a cure if you are one of those ‘sufferers’ but, learn to manage. Nothing is impossible, even the fear of public speaking can also become a learning period to become a great orator.

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