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Ways to successfully tame the fear of public speaking

If you develop cold feet while on stage, if words don’t seem to come of your mouth and if you suddenly get excessively nervous, chances are you’re suffering from the fear of public speaking. For most people, the fear of public speaking is one of the largest obstacles to career growth in an organization.

There is a way out

Public speaking need not be a harrowing experience anymore. You can now effortlessly speak on any topic of choice provided you know how to overcome your fear of public speaking. There are many programs designed these days to help people overcome issues like stage fright and facing a large audience.

They are as human as you are!

It’s important to remember that when you are on stage you are essentially speaking to humans – just like you! Trembling legs, shaky voices and a lack of confidence is something many orators have learnt to overcome. When they could successfully overcome their fear of public speaking so can you!

Don’t form preconceived notions

Most of us perceive successful public speakers as being witty and smart with loads of polished appeal. That is far from the truth. We perceive them that way because their fear of public speaking is never brought to the fore. It’s all about the way you project yourself vis-à-vis the way you actually are!

Keep it simple!

Follow the KISS principle – Keep It Simple and Short. You’ll never go wrong! Fact is, most famous public speakers don’t go on and on about a topic. They break it up with interesting anecdotes, jokes and incidents. That’s what helps also in overcoming the fear of public speaking. Try and stick to two or at the most three main points. Elaborate on them and illustrate with interesting examples.

Why am I speaking?

The goal of every public speech is to accomplish a certain objective in the end. Many people who have the fear of public speaking think it is sufficient to just have a good topic and sound interesting. That’s not entirely true. You also need to have a purpose in mind. You shouldn’t set out making a speech thinking you need to impress the audience. No matter how good you become or how much you overcome your fear of public speaking you can never ever get 100% approval from the audience. The trick to success lies in accepting this fact first!

Just be yourself – and the world will like you!

Many of us perceive successful public speakers as being eloquent and charming with certain distinct attributes. That’s not true. Most famous public speakers have not only overcome their fear of public speaking but have remained true to themselves. They are just being themselves when they talk on stage! That’s what makes their speeches more likeable.

Don’t boast

People who flatter themselves and indulge in puffery almost always remain unpopular. The same goes for public speaking too. One of the ways to overcome the fear of public speaking is to remain humble and have a sense of humor. It makes the speech livelier.

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