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How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking?

Many people in this world have fear of public speaking. When you speak in the public, you have to gather the attention of the entire crowd to become a successful speaker. You may fear that if you don’t speak well, you might be teased by your audience. This creates stress when you have to speak in the public. The previous bad experience also hinders you to talk in the public. To escape from embarrassment, you will eventually develop fear of public speaking and use it as a reason not to speak in public.

Fear of public speaking develops when you feel that you are responsible for the misbehavior of your audience. This unnecessary self-pity is absolutely not needed. There is no way to control your audience and you are not on stage to control or monitor them. Your task is to provide some useful information and you don’t have to bother about the people who are not interested in gathering the information.

Speaking in the public is obviously an art but you don’t need to have to be a master of the arts for achieving success. Confidence is the main criteria that will help you overcome your fear of public speaking. Many people fail to give a good public speech because of the lack of confidence. You may have good contents in your hands but if you don’t speak confidently you will lose your audience. To be self-confident you have to make up your mind to beat the fear of public speaking.

You have to tell yourself that talking to the public is not stressful. The audience sitting infront of you is just a group of human beings just like you. Visualise your audience as a group of your friends to whom you are going to speak professionally. Understand that you don’t need to have fear of public speaking as your audience is not expecting a brilliant or a perfect speaker. They are sitting in the front to gather information that could be of some use to them.

Many people believe that speaking in public requires a lot of information to be given out. This creates the fear of public speaking as you may not be satisfied with the information you have. To give a good speech, you need to have three or four main points and two or three supporting points.  Before preparing your speech, identify what the audience want from you and try to form three key points to deliver to your listeners. When you have them, you can be confident and defeat the fear of public speaking.

The first fearless public speech has some difficulties but once you have done it, you will not have fear of public speaking the next time when you are on stage. Even if you are afraid, you should not show that deliberately on stage. You can make the speech livelier by adding a dash of humor to your speech. When you see your listeners smiling, you will slowly realise that you are getting rid of fear of public speaking.

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