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Interview Technique

In preparing for a job interview, you may recognize that the anxiety and dread you feel is very similar to the feeling you’ve had when faced with the task of presenting a speech or a presentation to a group of people. In fact, your feeling is very close to the truth. You will be speaking to someone who will be critical about all aspects of you as you speak and you will be trying to “sell” an idea to your listener(s). In the job interview, however, the outcome has more important consequences than the wedding speech you gave last year or the product presentation you gave on your last job. Your future employment could very well hinge on how well you present yourself to the interviewer.

With that in mind, your preparation should be thorough and your attitude should be humble. Knowing some of the tricks that interviewers use can help you prepare for all eventualities. Interviewers generally will ask the same questions of every applicant so you should prep yourself with knowledge of the particular company and the specific job you are looking for. They will ask why you left your previous job so arm yourself with positive statements about your career move. Negative statements do not reflect well on your past performance nor do they bode well for your chances in the new position. They will ask about the skills that you will bring to the company. You should be as specific as possible about how your skill set fits into the company. If your previous work does not jibe exactly with the new job, you have to show how your skills will apply to a new set of requirements. This is where your research will support what you have to say.

Interviewers are very keen on reading body language so you should be aware of how you present yourself and how you look. The first impression is extremely important, so be polite and reserved until you determine what attitude the interviewer shows to you. Your attire demonstrates a great deal about you, so you should dress as if you already have a job at the company. This job interview technique shows the interviewer what you would look like if you are hired. One particularly effective job interview technique is to mirror the posture and attitude of the interviewer. Be careful not to relax too much as this may give off an attitude of carelessness.

You never know what style of interview may be used, so you should be ready for anything. Some interviewers let the candidate talk a great deal while others may take the lead. Some will use a confrontational method while others will let you structure the interview. You should be relaxed enough to be able to speak without using memorized answers but most interviewers are very perceptive and you should not let yourself get too familiar or casual.

One job interview technique you might use is to turn the tables on the interviewer and ask him questions. These questions should be formulated to show your knowledge of the job and the company so that the interviewer knows that you have done your homework and that you are highly interested in working for that company.

So, the dread you felt when faced with an interview should be greatly reduced.


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