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Hiring employees using different interview techniques

Did you know how your interview technique could make a huge difference to the hiring decision? There are high chances that if you employ the wrong interview technique you may end up choosing a poor candidate for your organisation!

So how do you decide who is the best candidate amongst all? Well you need to rethink your strategy of hiring employees who fits into the needs and requirements of your organisation.

Why is Interview technique so important?

The decision of hiring any new employee into the organisation has to be done very carefully.

It involves a significant cost to the company apart from providing them suitable training on the job, if required.

Wrong judgement and analysis of the candidate’s skill during an interview can cause huge loss to the company and its resources. Hence, it becomes vital to employ the right kind of Interview technique in an organisation while choosing candidates.

Different techniques of interview

Interview technique is the most important tool for determining the skills and experience of a candidate appearing for the interview.

Lot of interviewers chooses to employ a mix of different interview techniques that can help them decide the most suitable candidate for their organisation.

Let us have a look at some of the different techniques used by employers:

Direct Interviews

This kind of interview technique is pretty straightforward and used by employers to ascertain the background and qualifications of the candidate. The employer asks direct questions to the candidate about his work experience, if any and tries to gather facts.  In this way, he is able to find out if the candidate is the right fit to his organisation.

Case study interview

With this interview technique, often the candidate’s analytical ability is put to test. He is given a case study to solve which puts him through a process of mental thinking of various ways of solving a given problem. The interviewer may choose to ask him different questions based on the case study to understand his approach to a given problem.

Situational interviews

The employer uses the situational interview technique to determine how the candidate will reach given a particular situation. He tests his mental ability to cope up with different kinds of situations that are presented before him. In this way, he tries to find out if the candidate can come up with successful ways to deal with the situation.

Behavioral interviews

Such kind of interview technique is used to determine the capabilities of an individual. The main focus of using such interview techniques is to find out the candidate’s performance in the past. It helps in knowing if he has identical capabilities that can be utilised in his future role for the organisation.

Interview technique used by the employers is the ultimate deciding factors in choosing the right kind of candidate for an organisation.

Hence, employers must not make a hasty decision of employing a wrong interview technique that can ruin all their efforts instantly!

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