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Five Indicators of Good PowerPoint Skills

The PowerPoint software is a very powerful tool for creating and conducting presentations. However, not many people realize that as powerful as the PowerPoint software is, it is only a tool. The software is not a substitute for good PowerPoint skills.

In addition to this, having good PowerPoint skills is not confined to just knowing how to work with the PowerPoint software. Having good PowerPoint skills is a combination of the knowledge of using the software and the capacity to apply this knowledge to connect with an audience.

It is easy to tell if a presenter has good PowerPoint skills. Here are five indicators that tell whether a presenter has good PowerPoint skills or not.

  1. A presenter with good PowerPoint skills always keeps the audience in mind and tries to connect with them whenever he or she can. Connecting with the audience means facing them for most of the presentation and keeping eye contact with them. A presenter always tries to speak clearly and in terms that the audience can understand. If the presenter has managed to make the audience listen to him or her without being bored, then he or she has successfully forged that link with the audience.

  2. A presenter with good PowerPoint skills makes use of properly formatted slides. When we say that a slide is properly formatted, it means that there is enough contrast between the color of the font and the color of the background to make the font readable. The font size is also big enough to enable even those sitting at the back to read it clearly.  Ideally, a slide should only convey a single point, and that single point is conveyed through two lines of text and a powerful image.

  3. A presenter with good PowerPoint skills is well informed on the subject he or she is speaking about. Ample research is essential in putting the meat in whatever topic is being presented. A presenter who has not prepared his or her talk or has not even bothered to review his or her slides is only wasting the audience’s time and is setting him- or herself up for embarrassment.

  4. A presenter with good PowerPoint skills has organized his or her talk and the slides in a logical manner so that the flow of the presentation is smooth. Every good presentation has a beginning, middle, and an end. The beginning part is meant to capture the attention of the audience. The middle part is supposed to keep the audience’s attention while the points are being expounded on by the presenter. The ending is supposed to reinforce the message. The transition from one part to another should be smoothly flowing.

A presenter with good PowerPoint skills makes his or her presentation concise. The best and quickest way to lose the audience’s attention is to beat around the bush. Delivering the message precisely and concisely is the best way to make sure that the message is retained and remembered by the audience.

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