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Make a Plan before Showing off Your PowerPoint Skills

Having PowerPoint skills is a necessary thing nowadays in the corporate world. When making presentations, visual aids are always a must, and you need PowerPoint skills to come up with visual aids that will aid you in bringing your point across as well as in engaging your audience with whatever it is that you need to talk about.

When you have PowerPoint skills, it is just so easy to show off that you know your way around manipulating slides with PowerPoint. Some people who have PowerPoint skills sometimes fall into the trap of loading each slide with dancing headers, colorful graphics and nifty animation. Alas, having such loaded slides can actually defeat your purpose when you make your presentation. So instead of conveying your message clearly, you will only end up entertaining your audience with your slides but without them understanding what you had just said. Therefore, it is important for you to maintain a balance between displaying your PowerPoint skills and the actual content of your presentation.

Achieving this necessary balance always starts with a plan. Always plan out your presentation before diving into the creation of your slides and showcasing your PowerPoint skills. Study your subject matter thoroughly and decide which aspect you are going to focus on. Afterwards, find facts and data that will support whatever point that you want your audience to get when you make your presentation.

If you have good PowerPoint skills, you would know that images are essential in emphasizing the point that you are trying to make with your presentation. So, you should use powerful images with your slides. After all, a picture can paint a thousand words, but a word of text is just one word. However, you must make sure that the images you use are relevant and appropriate not just for your material but also for your audience.

When you make your slides for your presentation, do not give in to the temptation of showing off your PowerPoint skills. A good slide is something where the color of the background and the color of the text are in contrast with each other to make the slide readable. Also, contrary to what many believe, the principle “less is more” is applicable to the creation of slides. Keep yourself from putting too many distracting animation into your slides. Moreover, always make sure that your slides are balanced. Knowing how to load up your slides means your PowerPoint skills are good; knowing how to load up your slides but limiting yourself from doing it means your PowerPoint skills are exceptional.

Having good PowerPoint skills is now considered to be an important skill to have in the workplace. However, there is more to having PowerPoint skills than just knowing each and every trick there is in PowerPoint. Having good PowerPoint skills means having the knowledge to put into harmony the appearance of the slides, the actual content of the slides and the manner by which they are presented.

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