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Presentation Skills

When we hear the sentence presentation skills, there is only one thing which comes to our mind i.e. a person standing in front of the projector and running through the PowerPoint slides. But, what about the presentation skills of a teacher, what about the presentation skills of a chef, what about the presentation skills of a dancer? They too, need proper presentation skills.

Presentation Skills in any profession is an art of getting the attention of the audience and enthralling them with ideas or performance. Presentation skills are important in every profession but are considered of prime importance in the cooperate world. Here, once we boil down to the point of corporate presentation skills, what we are supposed to understand and take care is discussed in short

In the world of corporate, presentation skills is not only a must for faster growth in the organization but also, a necessity to be in the eyes of management to get responsible assignments.

Most of the time, employees do not give much importance to presentation skills. Once they get a professional degree, they try to get into an operations department by thinking of non requirement of presentation skills for the growth there. They get realized about the importance of presentation skills when their colleagues get promoted before them. Also, it has been proven time and again that presentation skills add at least another half to their knowledge to complete the personality. Acquiring presentation skills is not a very tough task. But, it requires knowledge about certain tools and using that effectively.

Presentation skills of a person become more impressive if he learns the art of public speaking as well. The most used hardware for Corporate Presentation are a PC, Laptop or I pod to store the data and then connecting the same to a projector, if presentation is to a small group. The projector capacity should vary according to the size of audience. Presentation skills’ foremost learning is to arrange the required hardware according to the hall size, number of attendees etc. Then presenter should check the proper working condition of hardware as well as the software. If presenter is supposed to use laser pens as pointer and wireless mouse to move the slides, that too should be checked thoroughly. If there is automatic voice or video recorded with the slides, the arrangement of speakers also to be checked for audibility to the farthest corner.

Presentation skills also include the ability to plan meticulously on presentation slides as well as on these equipments. Once these things are arranged, presentation skills should check the dress code of the presenter to suit the situation. Neatness on dressing should not be compromised at any point of time. Like wise, when it comes to presentation skills on subject matter, and the way of presenting etc, prior preparation and readiness with some FAQs are also to be carefully done.

Last but not the least on presentation skills is frankness in accepting responsibility of making fault in any arrangement or in subject matter. This gives the image of an honest person and everybody will appreciate frankness.

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