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The Eight Points of Good Presentation Skills

Good presentation skills are cultivated. While some people do indeed have the talent for speaking in public, for you to acquire good presentation skills is not an impossible feat to achieve. In fact, it is necessary for you to have good presentation skills if you want to get far ahead in your career.

There are actually eight points that characterize exemplary presentation skills. If you have already had the pleasure of listening to a good public speaker, it would be easy for you to identify them. These eight points are:

  1. A good opening. Knowing how to make a good opening is part of having good presentation skills. A good opening has two functions. First, it grabs the attention of the audience. Second, it states the purpose of the presentation, what the speaker aims to achieve with it.

  2. A logical structure. Good presentation skills involve knowing how to organize a presentation so that it flows smoothly and logically. A logical structure keeps the audience in tune with what you are saying. The quickest way to lose the attention of the audience is to be disorganized with the structure of your speech.

  3. Relevant key points. Determining relevant key points is another characteristic of having good presentation skills. The key points of your presentation are what most of your audience will remember about it. Make sure that your key points are clear and well-emphasized.

  4. Conciseness. Nobody loves to listen to long-winded speeches. Therefore, part of having good presentation skills is knowing just how long your presentation should be. This is so your audience would not end up being bored with the sheer length of it.

  5. Use of visual aids. Words tend to slip through the audience’s mind. Therefore, use powerful visual aids to reinforce whatever message that you wish to convey. After all, a single picture can paint a thousand words. This is where a good PowerPoint slide show comes in.

  6. Use of speaker notes. A speaker with good presentation skills knows that the fast way to cut the connection he or she has with the audience is reading directly from the PowerPoint slide show. Using speaker notes will guide you through your presentation without losing your rapport with your audience.

  7. Ample rehearsal. A speaker with good presentation skills knows how important it is to rehearse the presentation before actually going on stage to speak. If your presentation is well rehearsed, you will look more professional and more competent before your audience.

  8. A good closing. As much as a good opening will grab the attention of the audience and state the purpose of the presentation, a good closing will leave a lasting impression of what you have just talked about with your audience.

These are the eight points of having good presentation skills. Remember, having good presentation skills is not something a person is born with. These skills are something that you can easily acquire and cultivate but must continuously hone.

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