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5 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

Every person has a fear of public speaking. Even the most accomplished of speakers will tell you, that they still get scared of facing an audience and giving a public speech. However there are ways and means to overcome the fear of public speaking, which if used, enable one to become a successful speaker.

The 5 Ways that will help you conquer this fear:

  1. Good Preparation

One of the better ways to overcome this fear is by being well prepared with respect to the topic given to you. If you know what you are talking about, you will be more confident about facing the crowd as you know that you won’t make foolish mistakes.

You must leave nothing to chance. If you have a doubt about something, clear it up as soon as possible. Think of it like an exam. If you are going for an exam, wont’ you come fully equipped to tackle any eventuality in terms of question? Prepare with the same attitude when it comes to public speaking.

  1. Practice is the Key

To get rid of the fear of public speaking, you must practice your speech, a good number of times, before you deliver it. This will enable you to know your material inside out. The more you practice the better you will become.

The first step while practicing is to do it alone and speak aloud. You can also speak in front of a mirror. One of the better ways to practice would be to give the speech in front of your friends and get their opinions for the same.

  1. Backup

If things have to go wrong; they will. It comes as no surprise that people are also scared of this fact. The biggest fear that people have is, forgetting their lines. This is why they have a fear of public speaking.

To overcome it, make a few cards that contain some of the important lines. Remember such cards should be small in size, and you must only refer to them, in case of a mental lapse. An audience won’t find it strange if you refer to your cards.

  1. Don’t Fear Your Audience

Some people give audience too much importance. Instead of concentrating on the content of the speech, they are more concerned about keeping the audiences happy.

The point is; if your content is comprehensive and interesting, there is no question of the audience being dissatisfied. Your fear of public speaking will dissipate, if you adopt a positive approach with regards to the audience.

Don’t think your audience will be resentful or unfriendly. They only want to hear you speak effectively, and if you do that, they will be more than happy.

  1. Relax: It’s No Big Deal

Don’t get into an anxiety attack, before you go on the stage. Try to shut everything out and relax. Take deep breaths and take some time out to settle the butterflies in your stomach.

It can be imagined, that your first glance of the large audience, might scare you but, remember, if you are relaxed you will feel more in control of everything around you.

The methods given above will go a long way in conquering your fear of public speaking. Assimilation off all these factors will help immeasurably in this regard. In then end, it all depends on the individual and the amount of effort put in by the individual in this regard.

Rest assured, your hard-work will be rewarded and you will overcome the fear of public speaking.

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