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How to judge the quality of Public Speaking Courses

There are an innumerable amount of public speaking courses that you can choose from. However, before that answer a simple question, have you ever heard a really professional speaker, and wished that you could talk like him/her? If the answer is yes, then its time, to enroll into one out of the many public speaking courses available out there.

So how do you judge the quality of these courses? It’s quite difficult, as most courses promise the moon, and have attractive offers in terms of price. The best thing would be to choose one that does not harp on its accomplishments too much and concentrates on its courseware and techniques to impart the course.

It’s not easy to find such public speaking courses. Given below are a few factors that you can consider before signing on the dotted line and parting with your money, with respect to such courses.

Before we get into it, there are courses that are available in the form of books, while there are others which consist of trainers who give assistance. Herein, we talk about those courses wherein you will have to attend lectures etc. Meaning we are not talking about online or postal courses.

The Practical Approach

Join only those public speaking courses that have a practical orientation. This means that you must be given due opportunity to practice what has been taught. The course methodology must be a combination of instructions and using those instructions while giving a mock public speech.

Striking at the Root of All Your Fears

You want to join a course that allays all your fears with respect to public speaking. Each one has different fears. Some people don’t want to face a crowd; others have stage fright, while others are not good orators, while there are still others who are scared about the audience reaction.

Each fear has to be tackled and done away with.

Trained Professionals

Choose amongst public speaking courses, that have specific certifications relative to the particular area and also employ a professional staff, who is trained in all the teaching aspects of the concept of public speaking.

Focus of the training is on the Positive Aspects

Join a course that does not try to instill new qualities inside of you, but identifies your positives and focuses on them. For e.g. an introvert cannot suddenly become an extrovert. Such a person’s positive qualities must be identified and brought out in a way such that they will help the person during public speaking.

Stay away from Random Decisions

Talk to various people, and gather info about the various public speaking courses, before you make your decision. Don’t just select one at random and hope for the best. Keep the above factors in mind while making your selection. This will help you pick, just the right public speaking courses for your needs.

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