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Public Speaking Courses

As Mark Twain once said that there are two kinds of public speakers; those who admit they are nervous and the others who are liars. To help those who admit their nervousness, public speaking courses have sprung up all over the map. International, on-line, corporate, and community-based courses address the anxieties that plague every would-be speaker and teach the techniques that help them surmount their difficulties.

Most public speaking courses are geared to help high level executives and high-potential workers to better their communication skills. One commonality with all courses concerns anxiety levels and methods to conquer your fears of speaking, whatever the causes. Relaxation exercises and techniques reduce the stress levels involved with putting yourself in front of people. The nervous energy you feel can be harnessed to work in a positive way for you. Any physical movements such as shifting from side to side or unconscious touching of the face or awkward hand placement are identified and you practice ways to eliminate such nervous tics.

All public speaking coursework involves vocal work in which your intonation affects how well your message gets communicated. Various feedback methods involve audio replays and critiques by the course instructors as well as a combination of video and audio recordings like DVDs that you can keep as teaching tools.

All public speaking courses make very bold, declamatory statements about the increased effectiveness of your public speaking. These courses teach you how to get your message across with confidence and clarity, using your voice and structuring your delivery. You will learn to make eye contact with the audience, you will learn how to think more clearly when in front of a group, you will learn how to design your speech so as to achieve the greatest impact, and you will learn how to reach different types of audiences.

Public speaking courses will teach you methods to analyze presentation techniques and how best to design your speech. You will learn ways to think about your speech that effectively place you outside the process so you can get an unbiased look at how you appear and how you sound.

Techniques to grab the audience’s attention, techniques to whittle your message down to its essence, and techniques to increase your own confidence level are part of all public speaking courses. The major part of all coursework involves working on your fear of public speaking. Nearly every aspect of public speaking courses addresses this anxiety; whether it is working on your voice, structuring your message, or providing stock responses to identifiable situations.

Public speaking course are tailored mostly for executives who seek to improve their effectiveness or for those people who merely feel uncomfortable giving speeches as part of their everyday work. By the nature of this type of course, they are most effective when given in person as part of a program rather than on-line. Immediate, tangible feedback is an important component of public speaking courses. There is no substitute for corrective direction from a knowledgeable on site instructor. By necessity, these courses are very expensive

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