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What are Public Speaking Courses?

Glossophobia is the psychological term for the fear of speaking in public. If you are afflicted with this fear, then the best way to cure it is by attending public speaking courses. Such courses present sequentially and logically the cognitive domain of the concepts and principles that you have to learn in order to master the techniques needed for surviving the wonderful world of speaking before any type of audience.

Public speaking courses generally have two modules. One is a module that presents topics on analyzing and developing one’s self as a speaker. These topics include:

  1. An analysis of why most people fear speaking in public.
  2. An illustration of why the presenter is the message embodied rather than just the conveyor of the message.
  3. How the presenter should organize his or her thoughts before and while speaking in public.
  4. How the presenter should prepare for making presentations.
  5. How the presenter should carry him- or herself while on stage.
  6. Practical application and evaluation, sometimes called autoscopy.

Typically, the second module used in public speaking courses involve training on how to gather notes for the presentation, how to organize these notes to make a logical outline, how to create visual aids using the Power point software, and the like.

Public speaking courses vary in length. There are public speaking courses that are offered for people who just want to learn how to get over their fear of speaking in public. These courses generally take only one to three days. In these courses, the two modules listed above are discussed, but not that extensively. It is just like giving an overview of how a person should carry him- or herself when speaking in public.

However, for people who are more serious about learning how to speak in public and pursue it on a professional capacity, there are public speaking courses that can last for as short as four days and as long as two weeks. These longer approaches include a mandatory autoscopy portion, where the participants make presentations on themes or topics that they have selected or were assigned to them. In these presentations, the participants are supposed to apply the concepts they have learned for the duration of the public speaking courses they have attended. Autoscopy sessions are recorded for consequent review and for an objective critiquing of the presenter’s performance by his or her trainers and peers.

If you are looking for public speaking courses that will suit your individual needs, that should not be a problem. There are many clubs and organizations where the members are encouraged to speak in public and are given constructive criticism by their fellow members. You can make a search for these clubs and organizations on the Internet.

You can also grab a list of schools or professional training groups that conduct various personal development courses, including public speaking courses. Call them for more information to find the best public speaking courses suited for you.

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