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Senior Management Interview

The Senior Management interview is a type of interview that is very challenging. A candidate must have the skills to be able to convince the senior management interviewer that he is right for the position. He must have the same values with the company; his personality must fit in the culture of the company he wants to work for. Senior management interview is totally opposite of the usual entry-level interviews.

On a senior management interviewer’s aspect, it is a test of time-tested skills. The senior management interviewer must be able to distinguish honesty and hypocrisy. The senior management interviewer must be able to scrutinize every detail about the person that is involved with the position the candidate is applying for.

During a senior management interview, a lot of questions are asked, background of the person, self-assessment, behavioral questions, and competency questions.

A number of books can be found on topics about how to answer the toughest senior management interview questions, what not to say and what to say during senior management interviews. But the capacity to answer questions depends on the candidate’s abilities and experiences and other factors involved during the senior management interview.

Let’s review some questions asked during a senior management interview. First, of course, is to ask, “walk me through your work experiences.” A candidate should be able to discuss his career, his experience with the company and the reason for leaving. A candidate should keep in mind that he must be able to answer it thoroughly and briefly.

The senior management interviewer might ask, “What is effective leadership for you?” This question is trying to get an underlying answer. By asking the person this, the interviewer can have a grasp of idea on what the management style is of the person. Probably because, the tendency is to define it on how the candidate believes it to be. Of course, it is not expected to give a Webster-like definition of the term.

During a senior management interview, it is very possible to be asked “What are the things you consider to determine how effective you are in managing your people?” This time around, it is to check on how you apply your concepts and/or theories on your own. It’s just like asking the strengths of your management style.

More often than not, a senior management interview is also used to check on how a candidate can handle conflicts. It can be asked straightforward, most times, that’s not what happens. You may be asked on how you persuade people to do a certain project they are not comfortable with. In this manner, not only is the ability to resolve conflicts checked, persuasion skill can show as well.

A lot of times, since the candidate is at the top of the corporate ladder already, senior management interview question would play around the concept on how to manage employees, on how the candidate plans to succeed together with the company, and/or how the candidate sees the company in the future with him as one of the leaders. Is the candidate in line with the company’s vision-mission-values? A candidate must have a great deal of sincerity and persuasion throughout the course of a senior management interview.

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