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Senior Management Interview

A senior management interview is a vastly different endeavor than a normal job interview. Usually, the interviewer himself does not have extensive experience interviewing job applicants. By the nature of the level of the interview, the company will use an interviewer who operates at a higher level than the interviewer who performs this function normally. This generally means that a higher-level executive will do the interviewing and, while he has deeper knowledge of the company’s workings, he does not possess the interviewing acumen the normal interviewer possesses. He will be judging the candidate on different criteria than the regular candidate so you should carry this awareness with you as you answer questions.

The senior management candidate should demonstrate clear-cut company goals and detail specific ideas about the way to accomplish these goals. Make sure your answers are focused as rambling responses betray a lack of knowledge about the job requirements. You will behave in a professional manner during the senior management interview, showing assuredness and confidence in your skills and your stated method of reaching the company goals. Some candidates believe that all they have to show is their experience in performing the desired job but the quality higher level interviewers are looking for in addition to experience is enthusiasm and the desire to do the job. After all, a senior manager will have to motivate those under him and his own enthusiasm should help set an example for those less senior than he.

During the senior management interview, you should be aware that your answers may require more complex answers than the routine interview, so you should not rush into responding immediately, instead taking time to consider the question carefully. Weighing one’s words is a desirable quality in senior level managers. Demonstrating this quality in an interview makes a good impression. The interviewer will also be interested in how well you see past the immediate response and how well you see the larger perspective. You have to show how well you understand the long-term effects of your management decisions.

Your interviewer probably understands the job very well. This familiarity may seduce you into a comfort level as you get into the details of the job. Be aware of this pitfall and don’t let this comfort level distract you into relaxing too much. Keep your questions and conversation on a professional level at all times. You have to show that you will fit into the social fabric of the company as well as the skill level that the job demands.

Because of the far-reaching ramifications of the job, you should expect to go through a few rounds of interviews with a number of different people in a variety of settings. You may be asked to attend a dinner out. Keep your level of professionalism even as the evening progresses. Stay under control at all times. Follow the lead of the executive in charge.

The senior management interview should be approached very seriously. Prepare well and act professionally.

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