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Senior management interview

A senior management interview is very different from the average interviews. Not only will you be judged on your high-end qualifications, your senior management interview needs to have the right dose of professionalism and seniority.

Clear, definite goals

Most HR personnel are easily impressed with senior candidates who have very direct goals. Thus in the senior management interview you need to specifically state your career objectives. Do not be vague in your senior management interview. In fact the more specific your goals are, the more self assured you come across. Even if your stated goal doesn’t land you the job in the senior management interview you’ll be sure to be placed for some other profile.

Silence can be powerful

If you have been asked a question in the senior management interview you don’t know the answer to, you can take your time to think about it. Don’t worry even if you pause it won’t make you sound insecure in your senior management interview. Instead if you ramble on to irrelevant topics during the senior management interview then it can make you sound like you don’t know your subject.

Show interest

Many candidates make the mistake of not articulating their interest for the job during a senior management interview. They will be on time for the interview and also speak eloquently but fail to mention that they are keen on this job. So the next time you attend a senior management interview be sure to make it clear that you are excited for having been considered for the job.

High level perspective

Most of the time a senior management interview will differ from other interviews based on the high level perspective you have of things. The interviewer will typically judge you based on how much of the big picture you see. It’s because through a senior management interview the recruiter is trying to find a candidate who can lead from the front and has a good objective view of things.

Don't be fooled

A senior management interview will usually be characterized by a friendly and social atmosphere. It’s very easy to let your guard down in such cases. Do not get fooled by this environment. The purpose of the senior management interview is to peel away your outer façade and reveal your true character. In the senior management interview they basically want to see how well you’ll fit in to the company.

Several rounds

You also need to be prepared to go for several rounds for a senior management interview. The initial interview may occur over a few days. You may even be required to fly down to a specific location with your spouse to attend the senior management interview. The atmosphere will be casual but will delve into your past performances. The company will try to know how well you can perform in future.


Many times a senior management interview is meant to judge the social etiquette of a candidate. The company wants to see how well you can interact on a high level. Thus if you’re inept at social etiquette make sure to brush up on this before your next senior management interview.

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