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The Best Man Speech

The best man speech is usually the second speech after the father of the bride. It is a highlight of a fruitful friendship with the groom and a bashful of support to the wedding couple from the point of view of a close friend. Therefore, a best man speech is seen to be solemn with a bubbly and humorous tone to it. A best man speech is usually a symbol of friendship and life-long fun in marriage. As a best friend, the best man speech dotes a spoonful of optimism that the audience will truly capture.

That is why creating a best man speech can be a light but challenging at the same time. As the right hand man of the groom during the wedding day, it is important for the best man to deliver a speech that also reflects the thoughts of the groom. A great best man speech follows a set of rules playfully knit together to weave a nice set of lines.

Guidelines in Making Best Man Speeches

A good best man speech should not be boring and tedious. Therefore, it is important to keep the right length of your best man speech. If your best man speech takes more than seven minutes, then maybe you can cut some lines. The audience is not keenly interested in every detail of your friendship with the groom. Instead, you can highlight the best experiences that you and the groom shared.

A best man speech should pass the humor challenge. It should be sincere and meaningful yet it should also encourage a couple of smirks. It is important that a best man speech does not cross the line where the speech becomes offensive. Therefore, it is better to be on the safe side. You do not have to tell the whole story to get the joke across. In making a funny best man speech, dry-wit humor is important.

Try to be more general in addressing the audience. While weddings are intimate gatherings, it is most likely that half of the audience do not know the other half. Therefore, a great best man speech is something that all members of the audience can relate with.

A best man speech should be as optimistic as it is humorous. While a dig or two is allowed, there should be a balance. As the best man you do not want to turn your best man speech into an insensitive joke. Always remember that this is your moment and you should be thankful for being the best man.

Do not start and end your lines referring to previous girlfriends. In fact your best man speech should not mention any previous relationships. The wedding is about the couple and the attention should be solely on them. It is important to compliment the bride and the groom and leave a happy mark at the end your best man speech.

Finally, conjure up a lasting conclusion. Find the killer line to make your best man speech memorable. That last line is essentially your parting gift to your best friend and his bride.

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