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The Wedding Speech

Whether you are attending the wedding of your son, daughter, brother, sister or your best friend, there is always a chance that you will be required to make a wedding speech in front of the guests. Normally, everyone at the function won’t be eager to hear your wedding speech but they become quite interested if you happen to put up a poor show. A lot of people mumble some words of thanks and wish the couple a good life and hope that it passes for a wedding speech. But you should realize that the person who invited you to make the speech counts on you to make the day a bit more special. You can choose to let them down or take some time, sweat and toil to prepare a good, well-rehearsed script for the wedding speech.

To a great Wedding Speech!

The people who usually get to make the wedding speech are the father of the bride, the bridegroom, the bride, the maid of honor and other eminent or special guests The first thing, you have to decide is that the wedding speech should be a very simple, straightforward task. You already know what to talk about; you get plenty of time to teach yourself; and the average wedding speech only stretches for about 5-7 minutes.

Build your wedding speech around the inevitable things you have to say. Sprinkle your wedding speech with humorous incidents and anecdotes; you even have the license to take a dig at the lucky couple. Humor is the best thing in a wedding speech but it would be cheap to take too many potshots at others. Rehearse the wedding speech till you can deliver it perfectly even in your sleep.

The father of the bride usually flags of the sequence of wedding speeches with some words of his own. If you are the bride’s father, it will be safe to start by welcoming everyone to the wedding. Also deliver a pleasant welcome to the bridegroom and the in-laws into the family. A wedding speech is also the time to appreciate how good and beautiful your daughter is; accompanied by some stories from her past. Wrap up the wedding speech with some light-hearted advice to the couple and propose a toast to them. Don’t forget to thank everyone who made the wedding special before handing over to the groom.

Most important part in a bridegroom’s wedding speech is where you say some nice things about the bride and thank her parents for raising such a fine woman. You can mention some words of thanks to the people who made the wedding special. This is also a chance to thank the best man and say a few words about him before his wedding speech.

The bride’s wedding speech mainly deals with the groom. Speak about how the two of you met (if appropriate) and about some of the groom’s finer characteristics. A little humor is always appreciated in a wedding speech. You can always add a little something special that you feel like saying.

The best man, being the groom’s chosen ambassador, will do well to speak a lot about him. Your wedding speech might as well include some funny stories about the groom. Balance the jokes you make at the groom’s expense with some good words about him. You have a chance to speak on behalf of guests who were not able to attend.

The main wedding speeches are being made by the above mentioned people, and any other person called out to make a speech is free to decide on his/her words. But remember it is a special occasion and make the wedding speech special too!

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