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The Last Minute Wedding Speech

The wedding speech is an important part of wedding day mainly because those are messages and sentiments shared by the ones closest to the bride and the groom; Family, friends and loved ones. It is an opportunity for them to express their joy and happiness at the union their loved couple has willingly entered into. The wedding speech is thus, a perfect way to toast the happy couple.

You might have read a lot of advice on preparing various types of wedding speeches. Now here is some advice for all of us who are at one point or the other, guilty of the crime of coming up with last minute speeches!

Why preparing a last minute wedding speech is a bad idea

How many times have you heard preparing a wedding speech at the last minute is not a good practice? Yet, most of the times, we are all doing the exact same thing! We have so many excuses to justify our bloopers. We had no time. We are so close to the couple, we had to help with the wedding preparations. Or worse yet, you were helping your father or mother or even the groom, heaven forbid, prepare a great speech to toast the bride!

Bad idea! Why is it a bad idea? Well because in the last minute, your mind is likely to go blank. You have not had the chance to think about something to say, much less practice it. You will not recall one memorable and funny incident to make the party laugh or be touched by. And no, the story about how you and the groom got drunk and stayed out all night will not amuse anyone, especially the groom. So don’t even try it! Most likely and as most have experienced, very few last minute wedding speeches are a hit!

If you must, you must!

Let’s face it. You were the late riser, no matter what your excuse. The time has come to give the speech. Your hands are sweaty and your mind is blank but so what, the intentions are still sacred. We suppose that is enough to justify what you are about to do. And maybe you were not so guilty, but just inspired to make a last minute wedding speech to toast your lovely friends, the happy couple. So let us go ahead and get it over with!

What to keep in mind when preparing the last minute wedding speech

So what should you keep in mind when preparing a last minute wedding speech? If you are a friend, chances are you have some time to put your thoughts together till others finish their speeches. My advice is, keep it simple. Scribble down something another friend said or add a few words to what was already said. For example, say, ‘As so-and-so said, I agree blah blah blah, I just want to add John and Kate, you are few of the lucky ones to have found love and companionship in one another and our good wishes are always with you’. This is one way. If you were too busy trying to think of something to say and missed what others said, keep it generic. No one can mess up talking about love and happiness. Just wish the couple and talk about how you cherish their friendship.

The most important thing to remember about any wedding speech is to keep it short!

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