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Wedding speech

The wedding day is the most important day of a bride and groom’s life. All weddings require the maid of honor or the best man to give a wedding speech. If you’re one of those lucky ones but scared of speaking in public, here are some tips to help you out.

Your closeness to the couple

The kind of rapport and relationship you share with the bride and groom is going to affect the tone and style of the wedding speech. If you are close to them you will be able to enthrall the audience much better simply because of your passion to give a wedding speech about the couple!

Plan it out

You don’t want to be a mess while giving your first wedding speech, right? So make sure you write it down beforehand and practice speaking it. Since it would look odd reading from the paper on the actual day, consider memorizing the main points of the wedding speech, so it’s easier to speak on.

Shed inhibitions

The more rigid and self conscious you are, the more uptight your wedding speech is going to sound, and you certainly don’t want that! It’s always good to take a deep breath, relax and basically just let your guard down. That way you can give the wedding speech more smoothly and without interruption.

Let it be like you!

Don’t try to be like someone else. Even your wedding speech should be in sync with your personality and style. Let the wedding speech contain some witty humor or some anecdotes which only you know about the couple. That way, you can deliver a wedding speech which is truly ‘you’!

Mirror mirror

One of the best ways to practice your wedding speech is by saying it in front of your mirror. That way you know how your facial expressions look, your body language etc. By saying it in front of the mirror you also get to perfect the style of the wedding speech.

Keep it simple

A great wedding speech is one that is crisp and short. It doesn’t have to be long to be remembered. In fact most people remember the wedding speech that has the most humor and gets over in a few minutes!

Leave out the embarrassing stuff

While you might know the bride and groom really well, you don’t want to include all their personal details in the wedding speech. Don’t embarrass them on their special day! You could probably include one or two funny instances in the wedding speech at the maximum. Otherwise the wedding speech should generally be about how good they both are and how nice they look together.

Encourage them

Most likely just as in the case of any newly married couple, even the bride and groom might be feeling scared. They are about to embark on a new life together, which of course has its own apprehensions. Try and encourage them while giving your wedding speech. You need to let them know through the wedding speech that no matter what problems arise in the marriage they can always sort it out.

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Wedding is a special occasion and it holds many rituals integrated and intertwined in one another. Wedding speech is one of the rituals, seen as the part of wedding, or rather pre-wedding ceremony. It gives you sense of pride to be chosen to deliver wedding speeches on special day. But, you need to have lot of confidence and efficiency for delivering wonderful speeches.

Business Training Direct is engaged in offering professional training on wedding speeches. We have designed special training programs to make you deliver memorable wedding speeches. With our wedding speeches made easy approach, you will feel the comfort, confidence and pride to be father of the bride, mother of the bride, maid of honor, or best man.

We make difference in the wedding by giving you the confidence to speechify. At Business Training Direct, we keep you in and connected with the audience, as you deliver flowing wedding speeches, and that too in sync with the wedding theme.