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Clinch the next business deal with lessons on presentation skills

Do PowerPoint presentations make you sweaty in the palms? Does your mouth dry up when you’re about to start the presentation? Opting for training on presentation skills can help you become a pro at giving superb presentations in a short time! Most business sales deals and networking abilities rest on superior presentation skills – hence it’s time you improved your act!

The body language

One of the first things people notice is how you’re standing, your body posture etc. The amount of eye contact you make with the audience is also very important. Thus mastering the fluency of your body language can drastically improve your presentation skills overall.

Dress code

A presentation is always a formal affair. Hence a well structured suit, polished and well-groomed appearance is an absolute must. The success of your presentation skills also depends on how you dress. A well dressed person is more likely to create a positive impression as compared to a shabbily dressed person with faded clothes.

Have postcards/cue cards

Most training sessions for presentation skills focus on doing away with the sheet of paper. It actually looks ridiculous to read out the presentation to the audience. They can all see what’s there on the slide. Hence having cue cards or pointers can help you remember the topic and speak informatively on the subject. It also makes your presentation skills seem more fluent and perfected.

The three stages

The first stage of good presentation skills is to greet the people in front of you. Make eye contact and introduce yourself. Then proceed to outline the main key points of the presentation. Proceed with the presentation and lastly recap the points elaborated. These are the three crucial stages of successful presentation skills.

Some pointers

The key to good presentation skills is being able to intuitively guess the acoustics of the place. Hence the correct volume of your voice plays a vital role in how attentive your audience will be. Don’t speak too fast or too slow – be normal but also be careful not to get conversational in the process. It is always better to avoid humor or cracking jokes – it can jeopardize your presentation. Stress at the right places on points which you want your audience to remember. Following these pointers can greatly enhance your overall presentation skills.

Designing the presentation

This is probably one of the most important phases of good presentation skills. The presentation needs to be compact, informative and interesting. Firstly start by creating a central message to be told to the audience. The entire presentation needs to revolve around this central idea. Ideally your presentation needs to convey this central idea within 15 seconds since you start the presentation. Once you have outlined the central theme, you need to substantiate it. Follow up the thought with useful how-tos and informative ideas. The key to good presentation skills is to lead the audience to believe in your idea. Lastly you need to end the presentation with methods and examples which prove your thought or idea. By following these ideas you can successfully improve your presentation skills in a short time!

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